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Types and characteristics of rolling bearings


1. Deep groove ball bearing


This is the most popular of all ball bearing types and is widely used in a variety of sealing rings, dust caps and stop ring devices.


It can bear radial load, bidirectional axial load and composite load.


Various combinations can be implemented according to user requirements, providing different tolerance levels and different low noise groups.




2. Single row angular contact ball bearings


Can withstand radial, axial or combined loads, but any axial load must be in one direction.


Such bearings are usually used in pairs to control additional axial forces due to radial loads.


There are three kinds of contact angles: 15°, 25° and 40°, with suffixes of C, AC and B respectively.


3. Double row angular contact ball bearings


The structure is similar to that of two single row angular contact ball bearings mounted back-to-back.


The width is slightly narrower than the two single-row bearings and the contact Angle is 30°


The design can provide double or single side with dust cover or sealing ring.


Can withstand radial, torque and two-way thrust load.




4. Adjustable ball bearing


With double row of steel balls, the outer ring raceway surface is a spherical ball consistent with the center point of the bearing, and the inner ring double row raceway.


To allow a small deviation in Angle due to deflection or installation errors.


The relative inclination of inner and outer rings shall not exceed 3°, which is suitable for the place where the seat hole in the long axis is difficult to locate accurately




5. Cylindrical roller bearings


With large radial load carrying capacity, double row is used for high speed, high precision machine spindle and other applications.


NU outer double fender and inner fender without fender


NJ outer ring double guard inner ring single guard


The outer ring has no fender and the inner ring has two fenders


NF single outer ring, double inner ring


NN double row outer ring without guard inner ring with guard


NNU double row outer ring with fender inner ring without fender




6. Tapered roller bearings


It is suitable for bearing radial load and unidirectional axial load and its composite load.


There is a spacer between two inner rings of double row bearings. By changing the thickness of the spacer ring, the purpose of adjusting the clearance can be achieved and the load can be evenly distributed.


The four columns are used for the roller neck and heavy load or impact load occasions




7. Self-aligning roller bearing


The outer ring raceway surface center is consistent with the bearing center, the inner ring two raceways are inclined to an Angle relative to the bearing axis, the bearing can automatically adjust the center


It is widely used in large machines which may have shaft deflection and installation error


It is often used in papermaking equipment, rolling machinery, vehicles, vibration screen and general industrial machinery.




8. Thrust ball bearing


Unidirectional thrust ball bearing can only bear unidirectional axial load. The ring that fits tightly with the shaft is the shaft ring, and the ring that has clearance with the shaft is the seat ring


Bidirectional thrust ball bearing can bear the axial load of bidirectional action. There is an axle ring and two seat rings, which can position the axle ring in bidirectional axial direction.




Two-way thrust angular contact ball bearing


Machine tool spindle with high precision bearing, can withstand the axial load of two directions


With 60° contact Angle, the influence of centrifugal force is reduced, suitable for high-speed rotation, high rigidity


Used with double row cylindrical roller bearings NN and NNU series, 234400 series for small end side of taper hole, 234700 series for big end side of taper hole, 234900 is ultralight series




Thrust angular contact ball bearing


As the support of rolling screw in machine tool, it has higher axial stiffness and travel accuracy.


The contact Angle of 60° makes it suitable for axial and radial feed adjustment.


Bearing equipping can use the DB back to back, face to face with the DF, DT series, TBT two another back-to-back series, TFT two face to face another series three series, TT, QBC two back-to-back series on both sides of the other two points, QFC two face to face for the other two points on both sides of the series, QT 4 series and QBT two back to back the other two ipsilateral series, QFT and face to face for the other two ipsilateral series.




11. Thrust self-aligning roller bearing


Because the roller is spherical and the raceway surface of the seat ring is spherical, it has certain centering performance, which allows the shaft to have a number of inclines.Adjustable Angle press bearing series maximum not more than 3°


Oil lubrication mode is usually adopted, which is not suitable for high-speed rotation with very large axial load capacity, and can also bear a certain degree of radial load


Used for hydraulic generator, vertical engine, propeller shaft, tower crane, extruder




12. Thrust cylindrical roller bearing


It is often used under heavy axial load


It is composed of washing-shaped raceway ring (shaft ring, seat ring), cylindrical roller and retainer assembly, which can bear large unidirectional axial load and strong axial rigidity


The bearing design is flexible and can provide a variety of combinations according to the relevant machine parts. If the accuracy and hardness of the matching surface of the machine parts are high, the cylindrical roller and cage components can be installed directly without shaft ring and seat ring