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What are the main characteristics of spherical roller bearings?


Self-aligning roller bearings are bearings with drum shaped rollers assembled between the inner ring with two raceway and the outer ring with spherical raceway.The self-aligning roller bearing manufactured by yiyang longma bearing co., LTD has two rows of rollers, which can mainly bear radial load and axial load in any direction.High radial load capacity, especially suitable for radial heavy load or vibration load, but can not bear pure axial load.




The main features of self-aligning roller bearings are:


(1) similar to self-aligning ball bearing, the outer ring raceway of self-aligning roller bearing is a part of the sphere, and its curvature center is on the bearing axis. The outer ring raceway of this kind of bearing is of spherical shape, so its self-aligning performance is good and can compensate for the coaxiality error, so it can realize automatic self-aligning.


(2) in the section perpendicular to the rolling direction, the roller bus is a curve, and can be in good agreement with the internal and external raceway, the roller and raceway are line contact, can withstand radial load and axial load, with good impact resistance.


(3) the rollers of self-aligning roller bearings have a high degree of coincidence with raceways and are all curving bus lines. Therefore, the relative sliding is serious and the friction is larger than that of cylindrical roller bearings. Therefore, the allowable working speed of self-aligning roller bearings is low.


(4) of ordinary roller bearings with asymmetric type roller, operation will produce axial force component, a roller and the function of the component and contact center fixed guard, symmetrical roller of spherical roller bearing, it employs the activity can move along the axial middle ring, this roller is no longer bound by center guard, and leaves out the inner ring raceway relief groove, longer roller can be used, so as to improve the bearing capacity of bearing.


(5) the contact Angle of single-row self-aligning roller bearings is 0, and there is no obvious change in the contact Angle under axial load. A small axial load will generate a large contact force between rollers and raceways. Therefore, when the axial load is relatively larger than the radial load, single-row self-aligning roller bearings cannot bear the combined radial and axial load.




(6) similar to the self-aligning ball bearing, the double-row self-aligning roller bearing with a tight fixing sleeve can be installed at any position of the optical shaft, without the need to process the positioning shaft shoulder.