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The difference between deep groove ball bearing and quadrangle contact ball bearing.


Deep groove ball bearing is the most representative rolling bearing, widely used.Suitable for high or even very high speed operation, and very durable, no regular maintenance.This kind of bearing has low friction coefficient, high limit speed, simple structure, low manufacturing cost and easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy.It is widely used in precision instrument, low noise motor, automobile, motorcycle and general machinery industry.Mainly bear radial load, also can bear a certain amount of axial load.


According to the technical staff of kunmei bearing co., LTD., the axial bearing capacity increases when larger radial clearance is selected, and the contact Angle is zero when bearing pure radial force.When there is an axial force, the contact Angle is greater than zero.Generally use ram - shaped cage, car - made solid cage, sometimes also use nylon frame.


When the deep groove ball bearing is mounted on the shaft, the axial displacement in both directions of the shaft or shell can be limited within the range of axial clearance of the bearing, so it can be positioned in both directions.In addition, this kind of bearing also has a certain ability of centering. When it is inclined 2 '~10' relative to the shell hole, it can still work normally, but it has a certain impact on bearing life.Deep groove ball bearing retainers are mostly steel plate stamping wave shaped retainers, and large bearings are mostly made of metal solid retainers.


Deep groove ball bearings are the most commonly used rolling bearings.Its structure is simple and easy to use.It is mainly used to bear radial load, but when the radial clearance of bearing is increased, it has the performance of angular contact ball bearing and can bear combined radial and axial load.It can also be used to bear pure axial load when the speed is higher and the thrust ball bearing is not suitable.Compared with other bearings with the same specifications and sizes of deep groove ball bearing, this kind of bearing has small friction coefficient and high limit speed.But not impact resistant, not suitable for heavy load.


Four-point contact ball bearings are separable, and a single bearing can replace either the front or back combination of angular contact ball bearings.


Can bear radial load, two-way axial load, can limit the axial displacement of two directions, but than the current specification of double row angular contact ball bearings occupy less axial space.


Compared with deep groove ball bearing, four-point contact ball bearing has a smaller axial clearance and a higher limit speed when the radial clearance is the same.


Four-point contact ball bearings are suitable for bearing pure axial loads or combined axial and radial loads dominated by axial loads.Because is the double half inner ring (or outer ring), the number of the ball increased, with a larger bearing capacity.


Under normal working conditions, when the bearing bears axial load in any direction, it can form a contact Angle, and the steel ball contacts the inner and outer raceway at one point to avoid large sliding friction in the contact area.Therefore, the bearing should not bear mainly radial force and load.