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What is the general material of the bearing?


1. Materials for rings and rollers


(1) high carbon chromium bearing steel


Most bearing rings and rolling bodies are made of special steel.Rings and rolling bodies are made of high carbon chromium bearing steel (GCr15 and GCr15SiMn and ZGCr15 and ZGCr15SiMn), and the parts hardness is as follows:


The rings and rollers made of GCr15 and ZGCr15 are hrc61-65 and the steel balls hrc62-66.


The rings and rollers made of GCr15SiMn and ZGCr15SiMn materials are HRc60~64, and the steel balls are HRc60~66.


Bearings made of high carbon steel chromium bearing steel are generally applicable to the operating temperature range of -40~130 ° c, and oil and grease lubrication is normal.Can meet the requirements of general machinery.


High carbon chromium bearing steel bearing parts after high temperature tempering, the applicable working temperature can be up to 250 degrees.


With the progress of smelting technology, different smelting methods can be adopted for high-carbon chromium bearing steel, such as vacuum smelting technology, which can greatly reform the inherent quality of steel, especially the oxygen content in steel and the non-metallic inclusions formed by it are obviously reduced.The fatigue life of bearings made of this high carbon chromium bearing steel can be multiplied.


According to a large number of test comparison data, different smelting methods to obtain GCr15, GCr15SiMn, ZGCr15, ZGCr15SiMn bearing steel manufacturing bearings.


(2) carburized bearing steel


With carburized bearing steel and other manufacturing ring and rolling body, its hardness is: ring and rolling body HRc60~64, generally suitable for the working temperature of -40~140 degrees Celsius range, oil and grease lubrication is normal, can be used in greater impact and vibration conditions, such as locomotive and rolling machine bearing, but the heat treatment process of the steel is more complex.


(3) heat-resistant bearing steel


The rolling body of the ring made of heat-resisting bearing steel, its hardness: the ring and roller are HRc60~64, the steel ball is HRc61~65, under normal lubrication condition, it is suitable for working temperature of 120~250 ℃, such as aero-engine, gas turbine and other spindle working conditions.


(4) corrosion-resistant bearing steel


Ring and rolling body are made of corrosion-resistant bearing steel, whose hardness is: the ring and rolling body should not be lower than HRc58, suitable for water, nitric acid, chemical reagents and other corrosive media, the temperature is -253~350 degrees Celsius.


2. Material for cage


(1) most bearings adopt steel retainers, the most widely used are low-carbon steel plate stamping wave shape, basket shape, box shape retainers, suitable for bearing conditions and environment with high-carbon chromium bearing steel;The cage stamped with medium carbon stainless steel plate is suitable for bearing condition and environment of corrosion-resistant bearing steel.


(2) the excellent surface quality of non-ferrous metals.When working under high temperature, solid cage can be made of silicon bronze and the working temperature can reach 315 ℃.Because the strength of aluminum is lower than brass and the specific gravity is lighter, the aluminum brass is commonly used to make solid cage, which is mainly suitable for working conditions such as high rotation speed, light specific gravity and corrosion resistance.


(3) with engineering plastic manufacturing retainer, in recent years and a greater development, mainly because it has a certain corrosion resistance, good self-lubrication, small friction resistance, materials convenient, cheap, easy to make advantages, but easy to "aging".Currently, reinforced nylon 66 is the most widely used, and its continuous operating temperature range is -40~120 ℃.


Ptfe has high strength, good self-lubrication performance, continuous working temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius, phenolic adhesive fabric has high mechanical strength, good wear-resistant and heat-resistant performance, but the cost is expensive, suitable for high-speed rotation, working temperature is -40~150 degrees Celsius, instantaneous up to 180 degrees Celsius.