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Characteristics, classification and application of cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindricalrollerbearingcylindricalrollerbearing Therollingbodyisthecentripetalrollingbearingofcylindricalroller. Cylindricalrollerbearing Cylindricalrollerandracewayarelinearcontactbearings.Largeload

Cylindrical roller bearing cylindrical roller bearing


The rolling body is the centripetal rolling bearing of cylindrical roller.


Cylindrical roller bearing


Cylindrical roller and raceway are linear contact bearings.Large load capacity, mainly bear radial load.Small friction between rolling body and ring, suitable for high-speed rotation.According to whether the ring has the guard edge or not, it can be divided into NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF and other single-row bearings, and NNU, NN and other double-row bearings.The bearing is a detachable structure with inner ring and outer ring.A cylindrical roller bearing with an inner ring or an outer ring without a retaining edge, in which the inner ring and the outer ring can move relative to each other axially, so that it can be used as a free-end bearing.One side of the inner ring and the outer ring has a double retaining edge, and the ring on the other side has a single retaining edge cylindrical roller bearing, which can bear a certain degree of axial load in one direction.Generally use steel plate stamping cage, or copper alloy car - made cage.But some use polyamide forming cages.


Features of cylindrical roller bearing:


1. Roller and raceway are in line contact or modified line contact, with large radial bearing capacity, suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load.


Small friction coefficient, suitable for high speed, limit speed close to deep groove ball bearing.


3. Type N and NU can move axially, which can adapt to the change of relative position between the shaft and the housing caused by thermal expansion or installation error, and can be used as free end support.


4. The machining requirements of the shaft or seat hole are relatively high. After the bearing is installed, the relative deviation of the outer ring axis should be strictly controlled to avoid the contact stress concentration.


5. Inner ring or outer ring can be separated for easy installation and disassembly.


Main USES:


Large and medium-sized electric motors, rolling stock, machine spindle, internal combustion engine, generator, gas turbine, reduction box, rolling mill, vibrating screen and lifting and transportation machinery.


Structural type:


1.This kind of bearing can accept larger radial load, the limit speed is high, does not restrict the axial displacement of the shaft or shell, cannot accept axial load.


2.Type NJ0000 and NF0000 cylindrical roller bearings with both inner and outer rings with retaining edges can constrain the axial displacement of the shaft or shell in one direction and can accept a small unidirectional axial load.NU0000+HJ0000, NJ0000+HJ0000, NUP0000 bearings may bind the axial displacement of the shaft or shell in both directions within the axial clearance field of the imported bearing.And can accept small two-way axial load.


Type of cylindrical roller bearing


Single row cylindrical roller bearing:


Single row cylindrical roller bearings are detachable, easy to install and disassemble, both rings can be tight fit, modified contact lines between rollers and raceways can reduce stress concentration.


Double row cylindrical roller bearing:


Double row cylindrical roller bearing is a kind of swimming bearing, its detachable makes installation and disassembly very convenient.Both rings can be fitted tightly.


Double row cylindrical roller bearings are almost not allowed to have a tilt Angle