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Characteristics of bearing steel.


Characteristics of bearing steel:

I. contact fatigue strength

Bearing is below the action of cycle load, contact appearance breaks out fatigue damage very easily, appear namely crack spalling, this is the important destruction circumstance of bearing.Therefore, in order to improve the service life of bearing, bearing steel must have high contact fatigue strength.

Two, wear resistance

When the bearing task, not only rolling friction between the ring, the roller and the maintainer, but also sliding friction, so that the bearing parts have been worn.In order to increase the wear of bearing parts, maintain the stability of bearing precision and extend service life, bearing steel should have good wear resistance.

Three, hardness

Hardness is one of the important qualities of bearing quality, which has indirect influence on contact fatigue strength, wear resistance and elastic limit.The hardness of bearing steel should reach HRC61~65 individually in the application condition, which can make the bearing achieve higher contact fatigue strength and wear resistance.

Four, rust resistance

In order to avoid the corrosion and rust of bearing parts and finished products in the process of processing, storage and application, bearing steel should have good anti-rust performance.

Five, processing performance

Bearing parts in the consumption process, to go through many cold, hot processing procedures, in order to meet the requirements of a small amount, high efficiency, high quality, bearing steel should have good processing performance.For example, cold, hot forming performance, cutting performance, hardenability and so on.

In addition to the above basic requirements, the bearing steel shall also reach the requirements of proper chemical composition, average external tissue, less non-metallic dopant, external appearance defects fit the specification, and external decarburization layer does not exceed the regular concentration.