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Several common methods of stainless steel wire drawing for Kunmei bearing

Several common methods of stainless steel wire drawing for Kunmei bearing
Stainless steel wire drawing is a metal processing technology, which is the most popular surface treatment technology in the stainless steel and aluminum products industry. Stainless steel wire drawing generally have several effects: Straight Silk Pattern, snow pattern, nylon pattern.
1. Straight thread is from the top to the bottom of the continuous thread, the general use of fixed drawing machine before and after the movement can be. 
2. Snowflake pattern is now the most popular one, by a little bit of a specification of the composition, can be achieved using insect emery paper. 
3. Nylon pattern is made up of different length lines, because nylon wheel texture is soft so can be rubbed uneven parts, reach nylon pattern. Stainless steel wire drawing is very particular about the procedure and technology, general with wire drawing machine repair and restore the product scraping position and weld, and finally achieve the overall effect of wire drawing art. Cylinder surface generally can only on the lathe or grinder, only require surface treatment, can be clamped with a special grinder on the lathe with Sandpaper, cloth strip polishing; if the accuracy and Surface roughness are very high requirements, on the grinder. Surface drawing, then, generally only the raw material plate for processing. Original Plate surface do No. 4(snowflake) or HL (drawing) after finishing (die, deep drawing, etc.) . After the general processing methods, the finished products can retain the surface effect of the original plate. Oil Straight: It should refer to oil-ground straight wire, after oil-ground wire drawing, AH, after ink, the plate surface is more oily and bright, and then do a layer of wire drawing, which is a kind of Abrasive, and also belongs to surface treatment. Now there are whole rolls of ink wire drawing, compared with ordinary wire drawing, oil Mill straight wire has the advantages of clear drawing texture, neat, good gloss, and good overall effect. It is widely used in elevator decoration and other surface-demanding equipment.