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KM bearing for you to introduce the plane bearing

KM bearing for you to introduce the plane bearing

A plain bearing consists of a plain cage assembly with needle rollers or cylindrical rollers and a plain washer. Needle rollers and cylindrical rollers are held and guided by a flat cage and, when used with different series of DF flat bearing washers, offer many different combinations for bearing configuration. Due to the use of high precision cylindrical roller (needle roller) to increase the contact length, so that this bearing in a very small space can be achieved high load capacity and high stiffness. Another advantage is that the Washer can be omitted if the adjacent part surface is suitable for the raceway surface, which makes the design compact. The cylindrical surfaces of the needle roller bearings and the cylindrical rollers of the DF planar needle roller bearings and the planar cylindrical roller bearings are modified surfaces, it can reduce the edge stress and increase the service life.


Flat Needle Roller and Cage Assembly AXK

Flat Needle Roller and cage assemblies are the main components of flat needle roller bearings. The needle rollers are held and guided by radially arranged sacs. The cage section has a specific shape and is formed from hardened steel strips. The cage of small size is made of industrial plastic. High precision needle roller diameter group tolerance is 0.002 mm to ensure uniform load distribution. Flat Needle Roller and cage assemblies are shaft-guided. Thus, a relatively low circumferential velocity can be obtained by guiding the surface even at high speed.

Special space-saving support can be obtained if adjacent parts have raceway surfaces designed to eliminate washers. If this solution can not be carried out, the use of thin-walled steel AS series washers can also make the design compact under the conditions of sufficient support.

Flat cylindrical roller bearings 811,812,893,874,894, this bearing is composed of a flat cylindrical roller and cage components, a bearing housing positioning ring GS and a shaft positioning WS. The 893,874 and 894 series of planar cylindrical roller bearings are available for higher loads. The cage of flat cylindrical roller bearing can be made of high quality steel plate, industrial plastic, light metal and brass, etc. .