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Characteristics of KM bearing / air bearing

Characteristics of KM bearing / air bearing

1. Very low friction because the gas viscosity is much lower than the liquid, at room temperature air viscosity is only 10 mechanical oil, 1 / 5,000, and the bearing friction and viscosity is proportional, so the gas bearing friction than liquid lubricated bearings low.


2, the applicable speed range of air bearing friction is low, temperature rise is low, in the speed up to 50,000 RPM, its temperature rise does not exceed 20 ~ 30 °C, even the speed up to 1.3 million rpm. Aerostatic bearings can also be used at extremely low speeds or even zero speeds.


3. The temperature range of application gas can be maintained in a gas state within a very large temperature range, the viscosity of the gas will increase slightly when the temperature has little influence on its viscosity. If the temperature rises from 20 °C to 100 °C, the air viscosity will increase by 23% , the applicable temperature range of gas bearing can reach-265 °C to 1650 °C.


4. Bearing capacity low dynamic pressure bearing bearing capacity and viscosity is proportional to the bearing capacity of gas dynamic pressure bearing is only a few thousandths of the same size liquid dynamic pressure bearing. Because of the compressibility of the gas, the bearing capacity of the gas dynamic pressure bearing has a limit value, the load on the general unit projection area can only be added to 0.36 MPA.


5. High precision machining