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Matters needing attention in assembling and disassembling KM bearing

Matters needing attention in assembling and disassembling KM bearing

Bearing disassembly and installation as carefully, pay attention to do not damage the bearing and parts, especially with the interference bearing disassembly, difficult operation. Whether the bearing is installed well or not will also affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, the installation and disassembly bearing to pay attention to the following matters.

1.As far as possible, the resultant force exerted through the axis of the bearing, which requires the point of force applied evenly, symmetrically and smoothly, through the spherical surface or parallel to the axis.

2. The magnitude of the applied force should be stable and uniform, and it is not suitable to have an impact. This requires the use of oil pressure or tools that can exert a steady tension or pressure. If it is necessary to use hammering, it should also be buffered by softer and non-dropping metals such as copper sleeves, as gently as possible. It is best to hammer with a copper rod or Hammer.

3 avoid applying force through rolling body, which requires applying force through inner ring when mounting and dismounting inner ring and outer ring when mounting and dismounting outer ring.

4 Drag Force should be maintained to the appropriate extent, for example, when mounting the bearings to just the right position to stop the force, to ensure that the ring washer end face against the seat hole or shaft shoulder end face, can not squeeze too tightly, it's not gonNA be half-assed.