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Packaging of KM bearings for rolling bearings

Packaging of KM bearings for rolling bearings

Bearing packing is divided into inner packing and outer packing.

After the bearings have been manufactured and passed the inspection, they are cleaned and antirust treated, and then put into the inner packing to achieve the purposes of water-proof, moisture-proof, dustproof, impact-proof, maintenance of the quality and precision of the bearings as well as convenience in use and sale.

Bearing inner packaging according to Rust prevention period is divided into three categories:

1 SHORT ANTI-RUST PERIOD PACKAGING: anti-rust period of 3 to 6 months, suitable for large quantities of shipments to the same subscriber, the short-term use of bearings. By mutual agreement, simple packing shall be adopted on the principle of convenience.

2.GENERAL ANTI-RUST PERIOD PACKAGING: anti-rust period of one year, applicable to the general purpose of bearings.

3.Long anti-rust period packaging: anti-rust period of two years, suitable for special and precision bearings.

Bearing inner packaging materials are polyethylene plastic cylinder (box) , Kraft paper, plain and corrugated polyethylene composite paper, paper box, polyethylene or polyethylene plastic film, Nylon or plastic woven fastening belt, waterproof high-strength plastic belt, burlap bag, etc. . All the above materials must be qualified in the corrosion resistance test.

The general materials and requirements for bearing outer packing are as follows:

1 double corrugated cardboard box, each box's total weight (gross weight) does not exceed 25kg, the box is bound with plastic packing belt;

2 nailed board boxes (wooden boxes) , each box's total weight does not exceed 30kg, the box is bound with bluing steel belt;

3.Calcium plastic corrugated box, the total weight of each box is not more than 25kg, box love to use plastic baling.

When packing the bearing products with inner packing into the box, the box should be lined with plastic bags or plastic film; If there is any space in the box, it should be filled with corrugated paper blocks, paper scraps and other dry materials.