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Preparation for installation of KM bearing | bearing


Whether the bearing is installed well or not will affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, bearing installation to do the following preparation:

Preparation before bearing installation

1. The installation should be done in a dry, dust-free room and away from metal working or other equipment that can produce metal chips and dust. The anti-rust packaging of the bearings should be opened when all is ready.

2, bearing coated with anti-rust oil has three lubrication performance, for the general purpose of the bearing can not be cleaned directly used, for the instrument bearing or high-speed bearings, the bearing with the anti-rust oil should be cleaned and then coated with appropriate lubricants for use, with a sealed or dust-proof cover filled with grease can be used directly.

3. The tools used for installation shall be mainly made of wood or light metal and shall be clean.

Inspection of shaft and housing

1. Clean the shaft and housing to make sure that there are no scratches or burrs left by machining, if any, remove with tarmac or fine sandpaper. There must be no grinding agent in the shell, such as SIC, AL203 molding sand, chips, etc. .

2. Check whether the dimension, shape and machining quality of the shaft and Shell are in accordance with the drawing, measure the shaft diameter and Shell aperture in several places.