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Km bearings to introduce you to the installation and maintenance of turntable bearings


The turntable bearing is a kind of large-scale bearing which can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning torque at the same time, and has many functions such as support, rotation, transmission and fixation. Therefore, in the installation of turntable bearings must do a good job of correlation inspection, or installation needs to pay attention to, for this type of large-scale bearings, we must do a good job of maintenance, storage, etc. , to avoid the following damage to the turntable bearings, resulting in the normal use.

1. Mounting of turntable bearings

Before mounting the turntable bearing, the mounting surface of the main engine should be inspected, the supporting parts should have enough strength, the connecting surface should be machined, and the surface should be smooth without sundries and burrs. For those that can not be machined to the required flatness, special plastics with high injection strength can be used as fillers to ensure the accuracy of the mounting plane and to reduce vibration. The ring of the turntable bearing has a hardened soft band area, marked "s" on the end face of the ring, which should be installed in a non-loaded or non-frequently loaded area (the plug hole is always at the soft band area) .

When installing a turntable bearing, make a radial positioning, cross-tighten the mounting bolts, and check the rotation of the bearing. There should be enough pre-tightening force to tighten the bolt, the pre-tightening force should be 70% of the yield limit of the bolt material. Mounting Bolts shall be fitted with tempered plain washers and the use of spring washers shall be prohibited.

2, the maintenance of turntable bearings: installed and put into operation of the turntable bearings in 100 hours of continuous operation, should be fully check the installation of bolts in accordance with the pre-tightening torque requirements, after every 500 hours of continuous operation to repeat the above inspection. The turntable bearing should be filled with proper amount of grease after installation, and the turntable bearing should be filled at the same time to make the grease evenly distributed. After working for a period of time, a part of the grease will inevitably be lost, so the normal operation of the turntable bearing every 50 to 100 hours after the interval should be a replenishment of grease.

3, the transport and storage of turntable bearings: Bearings in the transport process, should be placed horizontally on the vehicle, there should be anti-sliding and anti-vibration measures, auxiliary support if necessary.