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Km bearing sharing: installation requirements and use of belt drives


(1) when installing the transmission belt, the belt should be sheathed only after reducing the center distance of two wheels, and should not be forced to pry, so as to avoid damage to the belt and reduce its service life.

(2) when installing the belt pulley, the axes of the two wheels must be parallel, and the center line of the wheel groove must also be right, otherwise, the side of the triangle belt working face will be worn prematurely.

(3) when selecting the belt, the model number and the nominal length should not be mistaken, so as to ensure the correct position of the groove in the section of the triangle belt.

(4) when the number of triangle belts in the same transmission is too large, no new or old belts of different lengths can be used to avoid uneven load distribution and wear of the belt.

(5) strictly prevent the adhesive tape from coming into contact with mineral oil, acid, Alkali and other media, so as not to deteriorate. And it's not good to be out in the sun.

(6) in order to ensure safe operation, the belt drive must be blocked with a protective cover. Belt drives are generally divided into parallel belt drives, v-belt drives and synchronous belt drives.