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KM bearings are about water rubber bearings and their advantages

Water rubber bearing is mainly used for vertical axial flow pump and mixed flow pump, especially for circulating water pump , washing pump , cooling water pump , sea water pump , water supply and drainage pump of nuclear power station and thermal power station . On the other hand, due to the water pollution problem caused by oil leakage in the oil-lubricated bearings , the water-lubricated mode has received great attention again. Rubber bearings are also widely used in the bearings of the stern shaft , rudder shaft , and the main shaft bearings of the dredger cutting head .
Rubber bearing function:
Rubber bearing is used for supporting between shaft and bushing, including copper sleeve rubber bearing, iron shell rubber bearing, bearing strip and all rubber bearing. It is manufactured by molding method, mainly used for ship axial flow pump, deep well pump, etc., as the supporting body of slurry blade and pump blade.
Harbin bearing
Rubber bearing advantages:
1. Small power loss
Generally wet rubber and metal sliding friction is very small.
2. Less wear and tear
More than lignumvitae wood (wood pulley and wood bearing material), in the use of lignumvitae several months to replace the occasion, such as rubber bearings can be up to 4 years.
3, not easy to damage the shaft and shaft sleeve
Even if there is sand and pebbles between the shaft and the rubber bearing, due to the action of lubricating water, will be along with the shaft of the rotation of the bearing groove out.
4. Sound protection and shock absorption
Because the friction between rubber bearing and shaft is very small, rubber has obvious anti-sound and damping effect.
5. Pollution-free pollution
As the lubricating material is water, no lubricating oil is needed, so oil pollution will not occur.