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KM bearing | deep excavation engine oil role

Weallknowthatenginelubricantsareusedinenginestoreducefrictionbetweentheirinternalcomponents,thusmakingtheenginerunwell.Butdoeslubricatingoilonlylubricate?Ofcoursenot,butwhatelsedoesitdo?   Cleaneffect
We all know that engine lubricants are used in engines to reduce friction between their internal components, thus making the engine run well. But does lubricating oil only lubricate? Of course not, but what else does it do?
Clean effect
Cleaning function is to clean the combustion produced by carbon, oil and other stains, or the stain in the oil decomposition, or the use of oil filter stains removal. Engine oil cleans the engine and removes impurities left in the filter, protecting the metal surface from the acid that forms during combustion. At the same time, engine oil can also remove combustion residues, combustion products or oxidation products of lubricating oil, and quickly settle to the bottom of the oil sump. So the oil looks black and dirty, and you can't tell whether it's good or bad just by looking at it.
Cooling effect, that is, cooling the role of the engine. Engine oil assists the cooling system by taking heat away from the pistons. The gasoline is ejected from the reverse side when the piston is cooled. Therefore, engine oil must have good cooling performance, and can withstand high temperatures.
Antirust function
The purpose of rust prevention is to prevent rust, just as it is to oil things like swords, so it is to prevent the metal parts in the engine from rust. This is due to another important feature of lubricants, water resistance, so that the engine oil can effectively play the role of rust.
Engine oil fully protects all parts of the engine. The high temperature generated by the engine will accelerate the oxidation of engine oil. Therefore, engine oil must have excellent oxidation resistance to ensure that the engine oil can maintain a normal viscosity within a certain oil change cycle and protect all parts of the engine to work normally.
Engine oil can withstand a certain amount of impact load from bearing transmission, acting as a buffer, thereby eliminating to a certain extent the impact load between bearing and other parts of the engine.
Sealing function
Finally, the sealing effect of engine oil is to make the engine's piston and cylinder sealed up, the degree of sealing is very important, can effectively prevent the cylinder gas series, ensure the engine effective power output, improve the vehicle power. This means that the oil is dripped into the gap between the piston and the cylinder to maintain the cylinder pressure function.