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KM bearing say What is pretension?


The so-called pretension, is in the installation of a certain method in the bearing and maintain an axial force, in order to eliminate the axial clearance in the bearing, and in the rolling body and inner and outer ring contact deformation.


Due to the effect of prestressing force, rolling element and the inner and outer contact will produce elastic deformation, and the increase of contact area, increase in the number of rolling body is involved in tolerance, also could be in the range of more than 180 degrees in roller bearing, and sometimes may also be within the scope of the 360 degrees all rolling element bearing, and in so doing, certainly more than a handful of rolling element bearing condition is better, but also to the load.From the above discussion, it can be seen that the contact deformation of the preloaded bearing is certainly smaller than that of the unpreloaded bearing when it is working under the same load. Therefore, the bearing's bearing stiffness can be improved and the wear of the bearing can be compensated at the same time.


When the bearing is preloaded, the relative displacement of the inner and outer ring in radial and axial direction is greatly reduced compared with the bearing without preloaded.The positioning of pre-tightened tapered roller bearing reduces the pre-tightened amount due to the running close of the side and the roller end face, so the temperature of the bearing during the running period decreases correspondingly.The higher the preload is, the more the temperature drop is caused by roller and side running.The rougher the surface roughness, the more preload reduction caused by running and closing.During constant pressure preloading, the bearing clearance (preloading) and the actual level of axial load do not change even if run-on occurs, so the bearing temperature does not change.