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KM bearing xiaobian to introduce common bearing damage forms and causes

1)Theracewaysurfaceandtherollersurfacearefullofdents.Keeptherackparticlesandracewaysurfacewornandthegrease(agent)discolored.Thiskindofcircumstanceisinstallationprocessnormallyuncleanbecausedby.   Keep
1) The raceway surface and the roller surface are full of dents. Keep the rack particles and raceway surface worn and the grease (agent) discolored. This kind of circumstance is installation process normally unclean be caused by.
Keep the installation clean, use new grease and check that the seal is in good condition.
2) Wear caused by improper lubrication
Surface wear is strong mirror, the color is blue or brown. This condition is caused by insufficient lubrication, so the lubrication condition should be improved and the lubrication period and oil seal should be redetermined.
3) The dent caused by improper installation
The inner and outer rings have indentations spaced equal to the distance between rollers. The reason is that the installation is not struck on the correct ring, or in the conical axis of excessive propulsion, or in the static state of overload.
Harbin bearing
4) Indentations caused by foreign bodies
The work surface and roller surface are full of indentations, which may be caused by foreign bodies brought in during installation or lubricant foreign bodies and surrounding environment. Clean bearings after installation, use clean lubricant and check oil seal.
5) Abrasion of roller end
Scratches and discoloration are produced by friction between roller end face and guide side. This condition is caused by excessive axial load sliding or insufficient lubrication. A lubricant with higher viscosity is available for this type of damage.
6) Abrasion of roller and raceway
There are abrasions and local discoloration with rollers at the beginning of the load zone of raceways, which are caused by the rollers entering the load zone and suddenly accelerating. There are two possible ways: one is to choose a lubricant with high viscosity; The second is to reduce bearing clearance.
7) Abrasion on the outer surface
There are nicks and local discoloration on the outer surface of the inner ring and outer ring, which is caused by the relative movement of the ring and shaft or bearing box.
The only solution is to increase the interference between the ring and the shaft or bearing box to prevent the rotation of each other. Axial braking or clamping cannot solve such problems.