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Structural characteristics and classification of tapered roller bearings


Tapered roller bearings mainly bear combined radial and axial loads.Bearing capacity depends on the raceway Angle of the outer ring, the larger the Angle, the greater the bearing capacity.Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automobile, rolling mill, mining, metallurgy, plastic machinery and other industries.This paper introduces the advantages of tapered roller bearings, the classification of tapered roller bearings and the structure characteristics of tapered roller bearings.


Taper roller bearings in the use of the largest single row of tapered roller bearings.In the front wheel hub of the car, a small size of double row taper roller bearings are used.Four row tapered roller bearings are used in heavy machines such as large cold and hot rolling mills.

Tapered roller bearing advantages:


Tapered roller bearings mainly bear combined radial and axial loads.Bearing capacity depends on the raceway Angle of the outer ring, the larger the Angle, the greater the bearing capacity.This kind of bearing is a separation type bearing, which can be divided into single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rolling bodies in the bearing.Single row tapered roller bearing clearance shall be adjusted by the user during installation.Double row and four row tapered roller bearing clearance has been given according to user requirements when the product leaves the factory.


Tapered roller bearings have conical inner ring and outer ring raceway, tapered roller arranged between the two.The projection lines of all conical surfaces meet at the same point on the bearing axis.This design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for combined (radial and axial) loads.The axial load capacity of the bearing is largely determined by the contact Angle alpha.The greater the Angle, the higher the axial load capacity.The Angle magnitude is expressed by the calculation coefficient e;The greater the e value, the greater the contact Angle, the greater the applicability of bearing to bear axial load.


Tapered roller bearings are usually of separate type, that is, the tapered inner ring assembly composed of inner ring with roller and cage assembly can be installed separately from the tapered outer ring (outer ring).


Taper roller bearings classification:


A single row tapered roller bearing has an outer ring, an inner ring and a set of tapered rollers comprising an inner ring assembly comprising a basket-shaped cage.The outer ring can be separated from the inner ring components. According to the ISO taper roller bearing dimension standard, the outer ring or inner ring components of any standard type taper roller bearing should be internationally interchangeable with the outer ring or inner ring components of the same type.That is, the outer ring of the same model must conform to ISO492 (GB307) in addition to the external size and tolerance, and the conical Angle and cone diameter of the inner ring components must also conform to the relevant provisions of the interchange.


Generally, single row tapered roller bearings outer ring raceway tapered Angle between 10° and 19°, can simultaneously withstand the combined action of axial load and radial load.The larger the cone Angle, the greater the capacity to bear axial load.Bearing with large taper Angle, rear code plus B, with taper Angle between 25° and 29°, it can bear large axial load.In addition, single row tapered roller bearings can adjust the size of clearance during installation.


The outer ring (or inner ring) of the double row tapered roller bearings is a unit.The two inner (or outer) rings have small end faces close to each other, and there is a spacer in the middle. The clearance can be adjusted by the thickness of the spacer, or the thickness of the spacer can be used to adjust the pre-interference of double row tapered roller bearings.


Four row tapered roller bearings, the performance of this kind of bearings and double row tapered roller bearings basically the same, but than double row tapered roller bearings to bear more radial load, the limit speed is slightly lower, mainly used for heavy machinery.


Multi-sealed double, four-row tapered roller bearings, ZWZ provides long life, multi-sealed double, four-row tapered roller bearings.Carry out a personalized new design of bearing, change the traditional design method of fully sealed bearing, adopt a new sealing structure type combining sealing and dustproof, improve the sealing effect and improve the sealing performance.Compared with open structure bearings, the life of multi-sealed double and four-row tapered roller bearings is increased by 20% ~ 40%.Reduce lubricant consumption by 80%.


Tapered roller bearing structure features:


Tapered roller bearing type code is 30000, tapered roller bearing for separation type bearings.In general, tapered roller bearings are 100 per cent interchangeable between the outer ring and the inner assembly within the dimensions covered in GB/ t307.1-94 radial bearing tolerances for rolling bearings.


The Angle of the outer ring and the diameter size of the outer raceway have been standardized with the same dimensions as the external dimensions.Changes are not allowed during design and manufacture.In this way, the outer ring and inner assembly of tapered roller bearings can be interchanged universally in the world.



Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear radial and axial combined loads.Compared with angular contact ball bearing, the bearing capacity is large and the limit speed is low.Tapered roller bearings can withstand axial loads in one direction and limit axial displacement in one direction of the shaft or housing.