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Some problems must be paid attention to in polishing operation of KM bearing


There are a few things to be aware of when polishing:

1. Polishing must be done in a clean room. Hard dust can contaminate the abrasive material and damage the surface of the die, which is nearly complete.

2. Use Only one level of polished diamond paste per polishing tool and store in a dust-proof or sealed container.

3. When you want to change the sand number of the finer grade, you should pay attention to whether the sand number completely covers the coarse sand grain of the upper grade. You must wash your hands and the work piece.

4. Start with corners, corners, and rounded corners where polishing is difficult.

5. Special care should be taken when handling sharp corners and corners. CARE should be taken not to form rounded corners or edges. Harder polishing tools should be used for grinding and polishing of moulds.

The polishing machine consists of base, polishing plate, polishing fabric, polishing cover and other basic components. At the same time, the polishing damage layer will not affect the ultimate observed tissue, that is, it will not create false tissue. At the same time, the sample should be rotated and moved back and forth along the radius of the rotary table to avoid the local wear of the polished fabric too fast. The electric head is fixed on the base, and the taper sleeve for fixing the polishing disc is connected with the electric head shaft by screws. In order to achieve the purpose of rough polishing, the rotating speed of the turntable should be low, preferably no more than 500r / Min; polishing time should be longer than the time needed to remove scratches, as the deformation layer has to be removed. The polished fabric is fastened to the polishing disc by the ferrule, and the electric motor is turned on by the switch on the base, then the sample can be polished by hand by applying pressure on the length of the polishing disc. The purpose of rough polishing is to remove the polished damaged layer, which should have the maximum polishing rate at this stage. The surface damage caused by rough polishing is a secondary consideration, but it should also be as small as possible, the aim is to remove the surface damage caused by rough polishing and to minimize the damage caused by ultrasonic polishing machine.

The polishing cover and cover can prevent the dust and other sundries from falling on the polished fabric when the machine is not in use, thus affecting the use effect. The best way to resolve this contradiction is to divide polishing into two stages.

Polishing machine operation of the hub is to think of the maximum polishing speed, in order to remove as soon as possible when the damage layer. The rotary table speed can be improved properly during fine polishing, and the polishing time is suitable for removing the damaged layer of rough polishing.