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Matters needing attention in selecting and purchasing linear bearing


Linear bearing is a precision mechanical parts, it is a low-cost production of linear motion system, used for unlimited travel with the use of cylindrical shaft. We are in the process of purchasing linear bearings, according to the demand we choose the appropriate speed products.

1. When purchasing linear bearing products, be sure to prepare the equipment, check the product speed, load and other factors. If the equipment requires high rotary precision, we can choose ball bearing; users should choose according to the specific use requirements, improve the efficiency of procurement.

2. The user shall also consider the radial and axial combined load of the bearing when purchasing the product. Deep groove ball bearings may be used if the radial load is large, and thrust angles may be used when the axial load of the device is small.

3, Linear Bearing Angle between the outer ring should be controlled in the allowable angle deviation range, the user should pay attention to this point in the selection, in order to extend the service life of equipment, reduce the extra load bearing.

4. The rigidity requirement of linear bearing is also an important factor of user's choice. The efficiency of product can be improved by choosing the rigidity of rigidity. The high rigidity of the bearing system can improve the rotary precision of the shaft, improve the use efficiency of the product, reduce the vibration and noise of the equipment, and improve the quality of the operating environment.