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KM bearing | bearing cage will be damaged

Cage is part of the bearing structure, that is to say, cage damaged, bearing also cannot run normally, there are many reasons that cause bearing damaged, but we are in the process of using, when damage to the bearing cage must according to the situation to determine the damage of the bearing cage, so as to find the root cause, finally take the corresponding measures, and prevent damage to repeat.
The causes of bearing cage damage are as follows:
1. Insufficient lubrication of bearings
Lubricating oil or grease dry, not added in time (maintenance), lubricating oil or grease with the wrong label.
2. Impact load of bearing
Intense vibration in the impact load causes the rolling body to strike the cage.
3. Cleanliness of bearing
The bearing seal in the bearing box is not good, there is dust entering, aggravating the friction between the rolling body and the cage, thus causing the cage damage.
4. Installation problems
Incorrect bearing mounting may damage the retainer during mounting.
5. Creep phenomenon of bearing
Creep refers to the sliding phenomenon of the ring. In the case of insufficient interference quantity of the mating surface, the loading point moves to the surrounding direction due to sliding, resulting in the deviation of the position of the ring relative to the axis or the shell to the circumference direction.
6. Abnormal load of bearing cage
Installation does not reach the designated position, slope, etc of the large amount of interference of the clearance is reduced, increasing friction heat production, the surface of the softening, abnormal early spalling, along with the expansion of peeling, flaking, foreign body into the cage pocket hole lead to keep running block and generate additional load, aggravated the wear and tear in the cage, the cycle of such deterioration, it may cause maintains a fracture.
7. Material defects of bearing retainer
Cracks, large non-metallic inclusions, shrinkage cavity, bubbles, riveting defects, padding nails or two half retainer surface gap, serious riveting injury may cause retainer fracture.
8. Invasion of hard foreign bodies in bearings
The abrasion of the cage is aggravated by the invasion of foreign hard foreign bodies or other impurities. For the above reasons to solve, the bearing life will be very long. Many bearings are damaged not because the bearing itself has expired, but because of many external conditions, such as insufficient lubrication, dust entry, incorrect installation, excessive load, excessive temperature, and improper coupling.